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Have a first-class R & D design team To provide you with professional glass solutions tailored

More rich experience: national high-tech enterprises The company's founder has 30 years experience in the production process of nano film cover glass, and core team members have more than 20 years experience.
State-level high-tech enterprises, the real strength of manufacturers; there are many high-precision, automatic glass processing equipment and production lines.
Better product quality Strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system, strict internal 6S site management.
The main features of Zhuo Jin products are: anti reflection, anti dazzle, eye protection, non slip, scratch proof, easy to write, easy to Sassafras, touch sensitive touch.
Meet the demand of different industries Nearly 20 people's R & D team has strong research and development capabilities, and has built advanced equipment laboratories.
Technical parameters can be adjusted according to demand and free of charge.
The common choice of big brand customers A number of automated production lines can be produced in batches to ensure the quality and delivery time, the same price and the higher yield.
Free samples are provided free of charge, samples are obtained in 5 days, and the sample fee is returned to 100% after mass production.

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Shenzhen dealer Wang manager

Shenzhen dealer Wang managShenzhen dealer Wang manager

We are a foreign trade company. The main market is in Southeast Asia. The quality of product ...[More]

Northeast distributor Xu manager

Northeast distributor Xu mNortheast distributor Xu manager

We are doing engineering, the main business in the northeast, before the quality of some of ...[More]

Hunan distributor Ms. Li

Hunan distributor Ms. Li

Good project should use good products. Good use of customer experience can better help custo ...[More]

Shandong distributor Mr. Zhao山东经销商赵先生

Shandong distributor Mr. ZShandong distributor Mr. Zhao

When we first started cooperation with Ori Electronics, we received orders for a big single, ...[More]

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GreenGO Electronics Limited is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of digital & analog CATV headend products and hotel headend smart system. Our main products including: DTMB Encoder Modulator, DVB-S/DTMB Receiver Modulator, multi-channel DTMB Modulator, multi-channel H.264 Encoder, Multiplexer, QAM modulator, IPQAM, IPTV live server, IRD,etc. ...



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