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Intel Releases Gigabit 5G Network Modulation Modulator

      2018/4/18      view:
Intel officially announced today that it has made substantial progress in accelerating the adoption of the wireless product roadmap for 5G. Highlights include the launch of the Intel XMM8000 series, Intel's first 5G NR multi-mode commercial modem series, and Intel's latest LTE modem Intel XMM7660. Intel also announced that they have successfully completed a comprehensive end-to-end 5G call based on early 5G silicon chips, Intel 5G Modem, and achieved a key milestone. Finally, the Intel XMM 7560 modem released at the 2017 World Mobile Conference has achieved gigabit speeds.
Dr. Cormac Conroy, vice president and general manager of communications and equipment at Intel, said: "Intel is committed to providing leading 5G multimode modem technology and ensuring a smooth transition to 5G. Our investment in a full range of modern technologies and products is seamless for 5G. The vision of connectivity is crucial."
The implementation of 5G is not just equipment, it requires a cloud-ready virtualized 5G network. Intel stated that they have unique advantages in integrating networks, cloud and clients into a powerful end-to-end 5G solution.
Sandra Rivera, senior vice president and network platform division general manager of Intel, said: "Today, wireless networks are equivalent to data drives on single-lane highways; tomorrow's wireless networks will need to function as multiple highways because data is in 5G networks. The speed will be moving rapidly. Our roadmap shows how Intel is developing at a gigabit speed, helping the industry create this highway and helping the industry to benefit from 5G's promised speed, capacity and low latency."
Recent advances in the Intel Wireless Roadmap include:
Intel XMM 8000 Series: Intel's commercial 5G multi-mode modem series supports 6GHz and millimeter wave global frequency bands. From personal computers and phones to fixed wireless client devices and even cars, this series of products will support a range of devices connected to 5G networks. Intel XMM 8060: Intel's first commercial 5G modem capable of providing multi-mode support for comprehensive 5G non-independent and independent NR, as well as various 2G, 3G (including CDMA) and 4G legacy modes. Intel expects to launch commercial client devices by mid-2019.
Intel continues to emphasize that Intel is helping to determine the pace of development in the industry through Intel 5G modems. Intel initially released early 5G chips at the 2017 CES conference, and Intel has successfully implemented calls through the 28GHz band. In conjunction with the Intel Mobile Trial Platform, Intel technology has become the core of a series of global trials, providing Intel and the industry with valuable technical knowledge to make 5G a reality. Intel added: As we move towards the 5G era, Wi-Fi will play an increasingly important role in the mobile network, and Intel will continue to ensure its leading position in the Wi-Fi field, and soon commercial Gigabit Wi-Fi, while planning to launch next-generation Wi-Fi, 802.11ax, starting in 2018.

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